High-quality standard parts from Meusburger provide the reliable basis for making dies, moulds, jigs and fixtures.
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Expansion of plates
Several new sizes and thicknesses as well as additional material grades in the P standard plates and PL standard risers range.

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Expansion of micro moulds
The micro moulds are now available in size 105 x 105 mm and in aluminium 3.4365 in size 75 x 75 mm.

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Expansion of blade ejector pins
Range of ready-to-use, high-precision blade ejectors with 2 or 4 corner radii and DLC-coated versions expanded.

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profiTEMP TM expansion
The profiTEMP TM hot runner diagnosis device is now also available with pin assignment 121.

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Expansion of guiding elements
New guiding elements for cavity plates; support pillars with guiding diameter now available in a length of up to 200 mm.

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New products - workshop equipment
Discover the new products in the area of workshop equipment

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Custom-made components
If standard doesn’t work for you, we also offer many components in custom designs.

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Components for your mould cavity
Our heart beats for your cavity. Benefit from our high- precision components.

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Expansion of hot runner systems range
The range of standardised hot runner components has been expanded with several spare parts.

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Chill vent for die casting
New in range: our standardised chill vents for die casting moulds are available from stock in three sizes.

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Expansion of PR round plates
The selection of round plates has almost doubled: new material grades, new diameters and new thicknesses are available from stock.

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NE 1.2343ESUH48 - New sizes
We have added numerous sizes to the NE block for eroding 1.2343ESUH48, which is especially suitable for die casting

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NE 1.2363H - Block for eroding, hard
Our new NE block for eroding 1.2363H is especially suitable for high toughness requirements

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P standard plates
We have added new thicknesses to our P plates.

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PRI ring plates
With our PRI plates you can now simply order your round plates with inner diameter in our shop.

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E 7050 threaded-body cylinder
The E 7050 threaded-body cylinder is now also available with a piston diameter of 16 mm.

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Guiding and sliding guide elements
From now on, we have new guiding and sliding guide elements in various sizes for centre guiding of large slides in range.

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Material selection wizard
with new functions like filter by thermal conductivity and search field for material names

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Flexible pipe heaters
From now on, we also offer a great variety of flexible pipe heaters available from stock.

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Precision limit switch, mechanical
New: two designs of mechanical precision limit switches for temperatures of up to 130 °C.

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Recirculating ball bushing with circlips
New in our range: recirculating ball bushing with circlips, ideal for installation in individual plates or in ejector set.

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Metal O-ring seals
We now offer metal O-ring seals for sealing between slide-seal nozzles and hot runner manifolds in our range.

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Ejector for inclined ejection unit
Size 16 has been added to the E 3240 inclined ejection unit, and appropriate cores (E 3243 and E 3245) are available as well.

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Cooled compact slide
New in our range is the only cooled compact slide on the market with long stroke and extremely compact design.

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Ejector for venting
Our tried-and-trusted ejector for venting is now also available with DLC coating.

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Series-flow fountain, compact
With our new compact, stainless steel series-flow fountain we offer an ideal solution for targeted core temperature regulation.

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Extension cartridge heaters
Cartridge heater range extension: they are now available from stock from a diameter of 4 mm and up to a power of 1,600 watts.

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EH 4050 single valve gate nozzle
The standardised single valve gate nozzle is new in our range and can be operated either hydraulically or pneumatically.

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profiTEMP TM hot runner diagnosis device
The perfect companion for all tool and mould makers and maintenance and service technicians.

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New manifold type ‘H’
The manifold type ‘H’ with four nozzles can now also be selected and configured in the hot runner configurator.

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Multi coupler with EU and USA system
The modular multi coupler with the EU and USA system is perfect for optimising set-up times and avoiding errors.

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E 7048 Build-in cylinder with flange
Our build-in cylinder features compact design and convenient flange mounting and is now available in additional sizes.

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New specifications document template
The new template provides you with outstanding support in the creation of your own internal specifications document.

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Special machining
We offer customised manufacturing solutions. You can fully rely on our expertise and experience when it comes to special machining.

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Ejector configurator
Don’t waste any time thanks to our new ejector configurator!

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