Высококачественные стандартные компоненты от Meusburger являются надежной основой для инструментов, пресс-форм, приспособлений.
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Blocks for eroding from carbide
In addition to the new dimension 100 x 150 mm for CF-H40S+, the CF-H25S+ is also available in dimension 100 x 100 mm.

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New lengths for cage retainer E 5251
The cage retainer E 5251 for easy securing of your ball and roller cages is now available in additional lengths.

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Cutting bushes with starting hole, ø 6
Our cutting bushes with starting hole are now also available in the smaller outer diameter of 6 mm.

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Piezo sensor, round E 6544
We now also offer round piezo sensors to be glued for even more comprehensive double sheet detection.

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New sizes for blocks for eroding
Our MV10PM and MW10PM blocks for eroding manufactured using powder metallurgy are now also available in 200 x 200 mm.

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Blocks for eroding with thread
It is now possible to order blocks for eroding with thread as an option.

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New tolerance bottle-neck cutting punch
For the bottle-neck cutting punch, the tolerance of d2 changes from +0.01/0 to h6. This corresponds to DIN 5118.

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Expansion of heat-treated round bars
Heat-treated round bars are now available in numerous additional intermediate sizes.

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Expansion of cutting bushes
Cutting bushes with starting hole are now available in length 35 mm.

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Unit for sheet metal threads
Available NOW: unit for sheet metal threads, for price effective manufacturing of a thread for sheet metal screws.

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Block-shaped strip guide, spring-loaded
Our E 5634 block-shaped strip guide is now also available in a compact version with length 15 mm.

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Expansion of PR round plates
The selection of round plates has almost doubled: new material grades, new diameters and new thicknesses are available from stock.

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Punches: length tolerance selectable
Choose now between the standard tolerance or +0.02/0 in the length tolerance in the cutting elements configurator

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Cutting punches - New sizes
We have expanded the range of cutting punches: E 5500 by length 63 mm, E 5540 by Ø 2 mm, E 5560 by Ø 20 mm and 25 mm

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Kit: Ejector for cutting punches
Spare parts set suitable for our cutting elements and your individual contour punches

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Configurable cutting bushes
Configure your cutting bushes quickly and easily to match the punches with contour via our configurator

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Pilot unit - Expansion
The E 5655 pilot unit was expanded by Ø 12 mm. All existing sizes now available with very low spring force

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Material selection wizard
with new functions like filter by thermal conductivity and search field for material names

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Cutting punch with precise head
The precise head height of 0/-0.02 is available on request for all punches with cylindrical head.

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Embossing stamp inserts with letters
On request, the E 56742 embossing stamp inserts are now also available with letters.

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Specifications document template
The new template provides you with outstanding support in the creation of your own internal specifications document.

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Block-shaped strip positioner
The exclusive E 5654 strip positioner can be used for centring or aligning to an outer edge.

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Configurable lengths for module guides
Freely selectable l4 and l2 lengths on the E 5076 and E 5078 guide pillars for the modular concept from Meusburger.

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SH — двухколоночные штампы
Для двухколоночных штампов добавлено восемь новых размеров от 396 796 до 496 996 мм специально для модульной концепции.

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Специальная мех. обработка

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